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Review of SISEL International…

Before I go on with this Business Review of Sisel International, I am not associated or involved with this business opportunity in any way. I review home based businesses and write hundreds of different MLM Reviews on the internet.

The founder of Sisel International is of Tom Mower. It was created back in 2006. Sisel International currently has gained momentum that has generated well $200 million dollars in sales as of this writing. It has the potential to become a billion dollar MLM Company in the near future. If you already don’t know who Tom Mower is, he has extensive experience in the network marketing niche. He was formerly the founder of Neways, another billion dollar MLM Company in the home based business industry that Tom sold as part of a divorce settlement. Therefore, Tom has gotten instant credibility and trust in multi level marketing since the 70’s that has given Sisel International it’s momentum and causing the current explosion in growth.

The Sisel International Management Team

Sisel International is definitely a great network marketing company. Tom has brought in a phenomenal leadership management team that offers decades of experience in the MLM industry.

It is vital as a company with Sisel International to have great leadership, not just the products themselves. SISEL also manufactures it’s own products. If you don’t already know, only a handful of network marketing companies actually manufacture their own products. It definitely cuts down the cost of the Sisel International products. It also procives a huge advantage over their competitors in this niche!

What Kind of Products is Sisel International Selling?

Sisel International has various kinds of products in the health and wellness space. Products the company sells are hair care products, skin care products, weight loss and dietary supplements, etc. The products that Sisel International is best known for are the liquid nutrition product line. Eternity is their top-of-the-line resveratrol which lowers cholestorol and blood sugar, thereby improving heart health.

Eternity is blended and mixed with 3 different ingredients in a variety of macro, nano-sized nutrients. The Eternity product also helps support weight loss, exuberant health, vitality, gives you more energy and gain more longevity and youthfulness that has to do with anti-aging.

Furthermore, Sisel International does manufacture all their own products. They have the capability to make sure their own products are produced at the highest possible quality!

SISEL International manufacturing facility, Utah

The Sisel International Compensation Plan

If you are contemplating to become a Sisel International marketer, you have to purchase a starter kit for a low investment and stay in good standing on your monthly auto-ship like many of the MLM companies in the home based business industry.

What makes Sisel International really special? It’s because the company manufactures their own products. Therefore, they can afford to pay their reps 3-4 times more than other MLM companies. Just like other network marketing companies, you can get compensated 5 different ways to earn income, and have the opportunity to earn immediate upfront commissions plus generating long term monthly residual income!

Is This Business Opportunity Really A Legit MLM Home Based Business?

After taking a close look at this Sisel International, it is definitely a legit MLM Company and a fantastic business opportunity. They have more credibility than most MLM companies out there. They are manufacturing their own products and are generous on paying their distributors that pays 3-4 times more in commissions than their competitors in this industry.

Nonetheless, at the end of the day Sisel International definitely has everything you would want in a MLM Company. So your own success can be achieved by having your own capability to market your Sisel Intenational business today!

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